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Welcome to the Emergency Photographers Network
luddington.jpgThe Emergency Photographers Network is comprised of professional photographers who specialize in emergency services photography for magazines, newspapers and other media services. The digital images and videos produced by EPN members are of outstanding quality and are routinely published in periodicals and news broadcasts on a daily basis.

- Our Members are highly trained professional photo journalists
- We abide by a strict code of conduct
- We provide our own safety equipment
- We are radio dispatched and maintain an electric bulletin board for emergency messages

Our audience is news gathering and research institutions across North America who need high quality video and digital images forpublications and research projects.

Our Photographers respond to thousands of emergencies per year and capture amazing images. The EPN was formed to enhance coordination of emergency photographers and to provide an early notification system of active incidents. Monthly meetings and our electronic bulletin board keep members advised of critical fire / weather warnings and emergency incidents. We also host training sessions for our members and perform research on a variety of safety and camera equipment.